Blacksmith`s store "Sepa Äri" in old Tallinn

We offer a wide range of products from Estonian blacksmiths. Our forges manufacture tables, pegs, fireplace accessories, curtain holders, kitchen and garden furnishings.

We project, design and produce borders, gates and awnings. In addition we manufacture all kind of blacksmith products made to order, designed either by us or by our client.

Rossi Sepaäri LLC

Jõe 65 Keila

Keila 76605

Tel +372 654 1444


Blacksmith`s store

Olevimägi 11

Tallinn 10123

Tel +372 680 0971



Tõnis Ross

Tel +372 565 8370

Skype: tonisross


RossGates railing solutions

Peter Ross

Tel +372 5669 2041

Skype: rossi.pets